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balancing structural and post- ina post-post- fashion??

  • chaos star, slightly clockwise turned from the heavens, emanating from the centre of my spine, mid back, cardinal points wrapping around my torso and arms, the points of the star flowing and morphing into differing strips, snakes and twists of patterns, symbols and icons.
    • north going over my right shoulder and back across the centre of my chest
  • sleaves
    • fractal fern with tessellation
    • different geometries/planes
    • circle (completeness, plenum)
    • symbols framed in three column stripe or band (spiral, helix, maximal, minimal, whatthefuckever); amiga sphere, quad damage, hl lambda, , beastie, bfs, bdsm, poly, wikipedia, drupal drop, raised fist, scotland, europe, some projection of world,
    • an old ink script type style (like a rusty metal wavered, cracked and creviced outline) barbed arrow, net, dag, distorted waves,