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  • - a 32bit open hardware/source DIY console based on a unique chip (a cortex m4 with 1MB flash and 192k RAM). It has 2 USB devices input, stereo sound output, micro SD card, VGA graphics up to 800x600 @ 32k colors. On the software side, a bootloader, simulators and several games, emulators and libraries.



  • DLDI - Dynamically Linked Device Interface for libfat - is the Dynamically Linked Disc Interface for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. It works as a part of libfat to allow homebrew programs to read and write files on the memory card inserted into one of the system's slots. It has also been implemented for GBA_NDS_FAT and DSLinux.

  • Home | Universal-DB - you can find lists of 3DS and DS homebrew, updated regularly to make sure you’re getting the latest versions