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Drum synths



  • Kick - C4
  • Snare - D4
  • Closed hat - E4
  • Open hat - F4

Currently uses MIDI channel 1 rather than 10. [1] patch in milkmiruku/stegosaurus



  • 32 voices polyphonic
  • 24 drum notes (2 octaves mapping)
  • 1 tone with sweep
  • 2 overtones
  • 3 noize generators
  • envelope editor
  • midi automatable with learn function
  • import/export of DS files

Rudolf 556

  • Rudolf 556 - Rudolf 556 is an analogue-sounding drum machine. It has six separate drum engines, two of which are bass drums, two are snares and two are hihats. Each engine has three parameters: L (Length) - pretty obvious what this controls. The higher the value, the longer the drum will sound. H (Hardness or Harshness) - when this value is small the drum will sound "soft" and when it's large it will sound "hard". Basically it controls the amount of noise that is mixed in. V (Volume) - basic gain control.


  • Smack is a drum synth, 100% sample free. It intends to emulate a large number of famous drum machines (TR/others) as well as sample code for physical modeling. It's built with LADSPA plugins and the Om modular synth.

"Yes, Smack was based on Om, a modular synthesis environment. Ingen is the successor to Om. If we are lucky, Ingen will see a release soon and finally make the step from brilliant in theory to awesome in practice :) The Om codebase is as dead as can be and Smack's author pretty much dropped out of LAU/LAD. Ingen's author David is interested in porting Smack's patches from Om to Ingen, but that clearly has no priority." [2]


Required VST SDK 2 to build

g++ -fPIC -c -I. -I../vstsdk2.4 -I../vstsdk2.4/public.sdk/source/vst2.x -I../vstsdk2.4/vstgui.sf/vstgui -Iplugincore -Igui -Ieffects -D__cdecl="" *.cpp      

g++ -shared -Wl,-soname,KickMaker.so -o KickMaker.so *.o

doesn't register?


  • https://github.com/chronopolis5k/Beatfox - a free Csound generative beat tool. It will constantly create perfectly looped rhythms that can easily be dropped into a program like Ableton Live. Leave it running all night, and you'll wake up with hundreds of loops in your folder!



  • mbass - a feature rich analogue modeled bass drum synthesizer written for Pd, aka Pure Data. If you are unfamilar with Pd check out the Pd community website puredata.info. Pure Data is an object orient real-time music and multimedia environment, so versitile that it will wet your mother's knees.mbass features a nonlinear distortion filter, with level compensation; a trigger synced FM LFO with dual polarity modulation control; and two independent exponential envelopes with tight attack times.Written with entirely native objects, the mbass object may be used on any platform running a stock installation of PD, so there is no need to compile sketchy externals that come with broken make files; just click and go.


  • https://github.com/WeirdConstructor/Kickmess - a port of the easy to use and good sounding Kicker plugin from LMMS to a reusable audio plugin format on Linux (VST currently). The DSP code has been ported, changed a bit and extended with some other functionality.An extended version of Kickmess, with more oscillators and other functionality, is available as Megamess plugin. It's built from the same code base, but with a larger DSP core and extended GUI. It's useful for many kinds of percussion synthesis, for synthesizing bass sounds and other fx sounds.

Windows VST


  • QuirQuiQ - Punchy kick synth that fits in your shuttlecraft or in your pocket with a big sound and tiny cpu footprint. Utilizes digital envelopes allowing for precise control, and presented in a clear, resizable vector interface. Slam the dancefloor with sharp and pounding kicks, ooomph away with long breathy thumps, go for a grungy and snappy sound or find just that right balance that is perfect for your track. By Ocean Swift Synthesis.


Drumatic VE

  • Drumatic VE - inspired by several sounds of the TR-909 and TR-808 drum computers. It isn't just a sample player... It uses smart wavetable synthesis mixed with virtual-analouge synthesis to get the best results. Windows VST.


  • CM-505 - a 12 voice drum synth. Windows VST.


  • TR-808 - a software emulation (VSTi plugin) of the Roland TR-808. The TR-808 service notes provide full schematics for each voice. I used them to make SPICE simulations of the circuits. I also analysed the best samples I could find (The Tape808, by Goldbaby), and tweaked the sounds until the waveforms and spectral content were as close as possible to the real thing. Most of the voices have more parameters and a greater range than their hardware predecessor. Windows VST.


  • ES DGenR8 - a free virtual analog drum machine in the style of Roland's TR Series, in particular the Roland TR-909, with 11 voices and controls that mimic the TR-909: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Low, Mid & High Toms, Rim Shot, Clap, Open & Closed Hi Hats, Crash & Ride Cymbals. Windows VST.


  • TW-Opkicker - Analogue kick synthesis in digital form, but with some extra features. 4 Oscilators, tweaked and twisted to simulate analogue behavior. Multiple Filters and a Distortion to get the sound you want. Reverb, Echo, Delay and Auto Pan to create all sorts of unusual effects. Us an extra effect like a Maximizer or Compressor to get groundshaking kicks. Playing higher notes turns this machine in a regular synth. Windows VST.


  • TW-Percussion1 - Synth designed for short and percussive sounds. 2 multiple waveform oscilators, 1 noise oscilator. Low Pass/High Pass/Band Pass filter to suit every need. 2 LFO's for the filters, to get that nice modulated sound. Stereo beat synced delay. Windows VST.

DC Bazz::Murda


  • EXD-80 - a flexible drum synth that can produce a wide variety of drum and percussion sounds, from emulations of classic drum machines to crazy, mangled glitch sounds – all synthesized, no samples here! It is suitable for many EDM styles including electro, glitch, industrial, ambient, dubstep, drum & bass and hip hop. Windows VST.


  • KICKWOrK - a kick drum synthesizer plugin. From deep hiphop basses to hard rave kicks - everything available with the turn of some knobs. A clear and easy GUI helps you to find your bass drum sound quick. No samples inside - pure analogue emulation. A minimum of knobs for a maximum of variations. Kick sound can be triggered by any incoming MIDI note or by an audio input (bass drum of a drumloop). Windows VST.

Drumatic 3

  • http://www.e-phonic.com/plugins/drumatic3.php - a virtual-analogue drum synthesizer. All sounds are 100% synthetic and allow an enormous flexibility and variation. Sounds: Bassdrum, Snaredrum, Handclap, 2 Toms, Hihats and a Rimshot / Bell. Key features: Graphical envelopes for amplitude and modulation, Load / save presets for single sounds, Simple but effective effect section for each sound with distortion and bitcrusher and a filter., 6 Stereo outputs, assignable for each sound, All parameters can be automated. Windows VST.


Kick Me Too



  • Optik - a basic, yet interesting drumsynth with it's own unique sound. It's got 7 drums, multiple outputs and an onboard mixer. Each drum panel can be opened to reveal additional controls for further tweaking. Windows VST.

DR-Fusion V2


  • daBUMZ - Mainly for bass drum or toms, but the sound can be widely ajusted. Goal was to have a minimum of knobs for a maximum of variations (note: each knob has a hint text for the parameter). daBUMZ does one sound at a time, triggered by MIDI notes or with the mouse on the “eye” in the middle. Available for Windows PC as VST-plugin.

easy-toolz.de drums

  • easy-toolz.de drums
    • easy-drum X8 - an analog Vintage-style drum-module with 12 fully synthesized instruments and some additional features: -12 X 16 Step-Sequencers with Potis >modulations all Parameters - Distortion - Lofi - SV-Filter - Lfo a.m.more
    • easy-beat-box - It is a "only with the mouse" using Drum-machine machine with the following specs: - 4 Drumslots a 16 Steps Sequencer - 4 Soundbanks ( mixed 1+2, fx, 8o8 ) 64 sounds each - Joystick manipulates : Horizontal > Pitch (Sounds) Slotwise - Vertical > Cutoff - Res - Drive - Flanger - Lofi - Hostsynchron - NO Midi-Input scheduled!
    • easy-kick - Kick-Drum with 10 Bassdrum-samples-Tunning Bitcrusher -4 Filter Overdrive -A-D- Envelope - Reverb
    • easy-drum o4 SE 909 - 4 Slot Drumbox with 909/808-Samples - overdrive-flanger-bitcrusher-moogfilter - 3 lfo -> modulated tune-cutoff-pan - 32 Patches




  • https://github.com/chevremaudite/zosimos - an ongoing project for an open source hardware drum synthesizer with swappable engines, an extensive modulation matrix, per track and global effects and an additional per track sample player.It is heavily inspired by Elektron machines such as the Octatrack and MachineDrum, but also Sonic Potion's LXR, Arturia's microfreak or Korg's Electribe and Electribe 2.