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Welcome! My name is Milk and I use this personal wiki to keep track of resources and knowledge.

A wiki is a work in progress. Here, the menu, article (page) lengths, outline and content orders are organic, inconsistent and very likely to change. Some articles are super long because I prefer the benefit of getting everything on the same page to mull over and rework the relationships between subtopics and how I should order them.

tl;dr: Wikis in Plain English - a 3:52 video by Common Craft explaining what a wiki is for.

If you might like to contribute, you can login via an OpenID account, it saves the wiki from spam. You can get an OpenID account with StackExchange, Dreamwidth or LiveJournal. Using your own web domain name as your OpenID login: see for WordPress or a web server with PHP. If you're stuck, e-mail me and I'll set you up an account; admin <atsymbol] milkmiruku {dut) com.

Proper responsive layout for mobile devices coming later..

Origins: I started using wiki web software to take notes in 2003 using an account hosted by wikiservice.at (thank you Helmut Leitner!). It's still available to view here. Later I ran the Things and Stuff in Edinburgh Facebook events group (and Twitter) came first. The aim was to help disseminate information on free, low-cost and notable groups, institutions, spaces (and other things and stuff) in and around or relating to Edinburgh. Many things didn't change over time, so I added local info to the wiki on Edinburgh. Facebook gutted their groups a long time ago, so I realigned it to be for the wiki instead.

Things I do with the wiki:

  • links (and commentary) saved
  • messy stubs sectioned
  • link titles and descriptions added
  • sections refactored
  • link summations made
  • sections further moved and merged
  • menu reordering

Link copy bookmarklet:

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GitHub/Wikipedia link copy bookmarklet:

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