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the most rambling of pages



no words. that's two words.

that too shall pass.


action about action

nomenclature / taxonomy

(forces, energy, matter, physics, chemistry, biology, mind (being, meta), maths/gestalt, social, technology, tradition, etc.)

there is no truth, just suitable encoding

(love is important!)

  • A Love affair - Vidyuddeva - "How are we ever going to be free from anger, if you're angry at human delusion? Look around! What are we gonna do?! Although there's a pathological aspect to what I'm going to say next, what stuck me is that there has to be a love affair with human delusion to have any effectiveness, any efficacy at all, there has to be a love affair with human delusion. But this total love and this total acceptance is not justification or condoning or even propagating, particularly ... Error has it's own beauty, it's own pathology, but when you spot error, often our tendency is then to be arrogant and to distance ourselves and then not to be in communication, not to have any relationship ..."

open packaging that never ends

figure/ground, arch, form bottom (centre) to top (base, other potential perspective poles, paths or groups), in out to side, inside a sphere so all is facing toward, with rotate + zoom (and other perspectives)), transition and time, visual with woven trees of text, knotted and colour

simulated annealing?!


closed / open usage / domains. [in]finite intersubjective discourse flowing fluxing to almost all. then everything else.

dots, dashes, fields, cobordism, fractal tunnels, etc.

comments about, comments about similar/relationship



nonsense, action about action

loops around, loops abound, topois (topos/topoi/topsoil) of life, writing theirself (spoken), up and down, strange subtle symbols, grouped real and imagined, a field to exdream (s), in all and nothing can be found

continuum of poles and points

diversity over disorder



"The universe does not owe you anything."

"Consider laughter: it is the highest emotion, for it can contain any of the others from ecstasy to grief. It has no opposite. Crying is merely an underdeveloped form of it which cleanses the eyes and summons assistance to infants. Laughter is the only tenable attitude in a universe which is a joke played upon itself." - Peter J. Carroll

"Can't smile? Try laughing." - paraphrase? Bhante Vimalaramsi

"Laughter is ever young, whereas tragedy, except the very highest of all, quickly becomes haggard." Margaret Sackville

Take the ego out of the equation - laughing with and at become the same.

lean back into the pain (posture)

  • "authorenticity"

focus on


relation al

mindfulness flows through a continual spaced repetition of discerning what is in ones attention

robust experience

plenumial currents

bliss and beats and peace

give up on one reference point for



laugh and (or) peace

when to stop, more virtuous than innocence

opposites / steps (?)

reflection, refactoring, enfolding, navigating

reflection - how can the form of a text connect to reality?

refactor - programming/wiki, working in a better form

enfold - lots of things mean the same

abstract threads, thick brush strokes of properties and relationships, requires atomic words to paint a longer form reality. change is a constant, though we can surf out some stability. nothing and everything, don't know, a start. regarding what you are doing right now, that's both being and becoming, but can you just be, meditate, find the right bodily and mental position to relax and just be? nothing can be done. though and but; i feel the latter has come to can having an element of implied linguistic weight on perception - this is the situation, but hey, don't worry. maybe it's misuse has gained it that feeling. 'misuse' can shift sentiment. (misjudged?)

i got bullied a lot. this lead to a maladaptive mentalisation that all folk can be bullying, i.e., a bully. but not everyone things that way. anxiety and paranoia has more lately been reduced to a gut panic.

ambiguity is fine + i don't know/mindread/have the time energy to get upset at my or others assumptions or projections" mindset.

musing on the concept of "the judge, the judge of the judge, the judge of the judge of the judge.". rephrase that with angry, jaded, fearful, etc. moving to the position that the metaness might distill but doesn't doesn't stack up to change the 'mode' of the processing of a situation. that doesn't make it unnatural or bad, but it seems generally inefficient in deconstructing unhelpful loops and reflections, and that reprocessing through something like NVC or an "attend and befriend, rather than react (fight, flight, freeze)" mindset is an easier path to raising consciousness. this is just my personal take so far; i'm more confident with an "

(to totally edit

ignoring can certainly work and be worth it - it can be being at peace with not elevating or entangling with a situation, afford a safer space for oneself, and is something that can help someone reflect. my quandry is that, in a full-on mode, like with a full-on positivity (that ignores talking about upset feelings), it cuts off certain potentially efficient workable resolutions, but, saying that, still, it is often the best and healthiest response, and it doesn't reason out not to have peace with anothers attempt at peace. i guess by "full-on" i mean that there can be additional thoughts that arise that ultimately re-enforce barriers to understanding, but that's, like, several steps away from my original premise, and feck, human relationships are a terribly (wonderfuly) complex thing, so all this might just be my own 'additional thoughts' from my subjective experience and perception. but fuck it, experience isn't enough to learn, you have to sometimes reflect (and vocalise) to better work out things. :)

(also part of a half ramble:

the ambiguity of realising one's own conditioning and position questions how truth and honesty manifest. i'm striving towards a congruity of thoughts, words and actions, both within them, between them and in relation to myself and others. it feels inauthentic and egocentric to speak a way about someone that you wouldn't also say to them directly.

our emotions and thoughts vibe and dance in each space and perception when we communicate, we attune to both, neurons mirror, we can consider the relationship between what we're getting to our own self, assumptions of truth (suitable encodings that work) and expectations. we can make right/wrong judgements or value/need judgements. "Some times things are best left unsaid because people need to let go of them for their own sake."


observation affects/effects [perception/self]

self-consciousness isn't normative, but it's what people often go to to describe a block. what is the actual block, the implicit reference?

(nondual/gestalt psychodynamic)

  • breath
    • breathe in through the nose to a point in the brain between and behind the eyes
    • breathe out through the heart, shoulders back, relax
    • expand around, not up and down
  • posture
    • symmetry - mudras: hands together; hands behind head
    • movement - change don't strain; have real breaks

  • aint no planet x coming cause aint no space cus aint not globe earth

  • "once, if you wanted to encounter an entirely different ontological system, you had to probe deep into jungles and deserts, pith helmet capping your Western arrogance. Now, with the peculiar cosmology of capitalist production subsuming an entire planet into its logic, mythological worlds are increasingly homogenized, and all that difference and weirdness is no longer geographically extensive. If you want to encounter very different realities, you can find them online, and each time the world reveals itself to be a little richer than you’d thought." [1]

  • inter alia

"..a permanent reminder that change is happening."

Some stuff has potential and/or help, some doesn't. These are references and not all suggestions. Thoughts and feelings can matter, can not matter or can be made non-reactive. Naturally, about what, etc. you whatever gets easier through practising forms so as to figure out exactly * we might possibly be exactly right to change and care for, inside and out. What may be/come, don't keep your face too close to the page. Don't burn out, feed fire but look for the resonance and radiance. Fabricated fast n a splattered dance of words, radical and traditional stories. I'm weary of using disorder, though it can be quicker to seek existing analogies and patterns so to somehow later avoid hurt and trauma. Observation can affect valence, value and motivation.

Everything and nothing within balanced relations of perception, word maps to be ironed in and out dimensionally or burnt as a p[i][e][a]ce offering, the o[u]t[h]er/[h/s]e[a]l[f][th] thing. Attending to possible peace and laughter. Something[-something] you/do live!

Anyway, I like to create and play with words, doing laconic lean and outline agile, getting the groundwork done then rearrange and expand.

Here are some things that I have found some help in investigating. You can contribute if you wish via the About page. See also Meta. Ta for reading. <3

On Being and all: To explore; review existing content, merge and refactor, thread sections properly, merge the third or so biggest sections plus with Action, Health, Organisation, etc., then probably split out once it can work.

DEAR PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE: Here's what we've figured out so far ...

I'll just add my own experience.