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In general

Aspects of personal state to reflect and reflex on:

  • sleep
  • breath
  • posture
  • water
  • temperature
  • teeth
  • food / meals
  • movements
  • supplements
  • wash face and moisturise
  • wash self
  • to do lists
  • chores
  • communications
  • appointments
  • logistics
  • finances
  • tools


Meditation stages

This is a mish-mash routine. WIP.

10 minutes a stage, or whatever.

The practice doesn't have to be all stages.

120 minutes for all stages.

60 minutes for breath + body + feelings + emotions + forgiveness and/or metta + breath.

40 minutes for breath + forgiveness + metta + breath.

30 minutes for breath + forgiveness or metta + breath.

Decide your intention for the meditation before starting it.

Don't hold on to your object of meditation too tightly or too loosely.

Sitting down


  • find a secluded place
  • become ardent, situationally aware and mindful
  • take some time to listen to and move your body before sitting down
  • consider sitting with back support or in a chair or another posture
  • mindfulness is to be established well for the sake of knowledge and vision (insight)
  • with experience of the stages both internally and externally, separately then together



  • being mindful of breath, slowing it and then letting go



  • body scan, a slow and deep listening to the sensations of the body
  • recognise the parts and materials the body is made of, as well as those of other bodies



  • recognise and let go of pleasant, painful and neutral feelings valences
  • recognise and let go of carnal and/or spiritual feelings



  • recognise if there is lust or not , anger or not, delusion or not
  • recognise if emotions are concentrated or scattered, exalted or not, surpassed or not
  • recognise if there is peace, tranquillity or liberation
  • let go



  • recognise and move away from sensory desire, anger and ill will, sloth and apathy, restlessness and remorse, and doubt
  • recognise and develop mindfulness, discernment, energy, joy, tranquillity, absorption and equanimity
  • recognise how all these states come to be, how they can be abandoned, and how they can be avoided in future
  • let go



  • "forgive me, I forgive you, I forgive myself."

Metta / loving kindness


  • love, amity, sympathy, friendliness, active interest in others
  • active love
  • repeat which ever mantra is easiest.
  • then try the second easiest. if it's too hard, go back to the easiest and repeat.
  • "may all beings be happy, may all beings be safe, may all beings realise liberation."


  • "may I be happy and free from suffering."
  • "may [a loved one] be happy and free from suffering."
  • "may [a neutral person] be happy and free from suffering."
  • "may [a disliked person] be happy and free from suffering."

Compassion / karuna


  • wise empathy
  • sympathy for another being’s sorrows
  • preventive love
  • "if I were given one thousand hands and eyes right this instant, then I will work towards the benefit and happiness of all living beings." (Nīlakaṇṭha Dhāraṇī / Great Compassion Mantra)

Compersion / mudita


  • sympathy in other's welfare / joy
  • appreciative, congratulatory & benevolent attitude
  • disinterested love
  • "i have joy in the joy of [another]" (dyad)
  • "i have joy in the joy of [two others]" (triad)
  • "i have joy in the joy of [group]" (network)
  • "i have joy in the joy of [all beings]"

Equanimity / upekkha


  • allow equanimity, to be aware of and accept reality as it is, without craving or aversion
  • aware and unaffected, non-reactive, cool
  • peace and acceptance
  • like a reed in the wind



  • to finish