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  • - this is a Mixxx MIDI Script which will align the pitch shift to the increment correspondng to the BPM, ie: at 145-150 BPM it shifts by 0.7% increments or clean subdivisions of that.

  • - Some helper libraries for managing the mixxxx library (the os DJ tool), such as batch playlist import/export, copying the library from one device to another etc.

  • - 2mixxx allows you to request songs to the DJ (guest user) or moderate song requests (DJ user). This application also allows DJs to have full control over the songs that can be requested by importing their iTunes libraries into the application.


  • BpmDj - Free DJ tools contains an automatic & accurate BPM counter. Determines sound color, rythm & echo. The player provides measurejumps, persistent cue's and beatgraphs. The program requires multiple dsp's or computers.

Data Jockey

  • Data Jockey - largely centered around a database of music and information about this music. The music is provided by the user. The information about the music is gathered from audio file meta data (information from id3 tags), computed through feature extraction techniques, and also provided directly by the user. Numerical data items, usually computed, are referred to as 'descriptors'. Textual data items, usually provided by the user, are referred to as 'tags'. Tags allow users to provide their own organization schemes.





  • DJPlay - aims to be a high class live DJing application for Linux. old.


  • olaboola - cyber-shamanic noise-maker. oolaboola is a digital DJ tool. It allows you to mix .wav files in real-time modifying their rate of play, levels etc. Various facets of its behavior can be controlled via an rc file, environment variables, and command-line options. Settings provided by more than one of those override each other in that same order.

Development died in 2000



  • DJUCED - This advanced, high-performance solution for DJs allows you to mix, remix and host parties with ease. Designed for experienced DJs, DJUCED nonetheless offers an ergonomic interface, performance assistance features and scalable content, ensuring a quick start-up and limitless creativity. DJUCED allows you to perform classic two-deck mixes, or to select a four-deck remix display, dedicated to performance.




  • xwax - an open-source Digital Vinyl System (DVS) for Linux. It allows DJs and turntablists to playback digital audio files (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC and more), controlled using a normal pair of turntables via timecoded vinyls. It's designed for both beat mixing and scratch mixing. Needle drops, pitch changes, scratching, spinbacks and rewinds are all supported, and feel just like the audio is pressed onto the vinyl itself. The focus is on an accurate vinyl feel which is efficient, stable and fast.


  • Digital-Scratch - a software that analyzes motions (rotation speed and direction) of a vinyl disc played by a turntable. It also provides a nice and simple player that play your favorite tracks allowing you to mix as you would do it with regular records.


  • terminatorX - realtime audio synthesizer, allows “scratching” on digitally sampled audio data (*.wav, *.au, *.ogg, *.mp3, etc.) the way hiphop-DJs scratch on vinyl records. It features multiple turntables, realtime effects (buit-in as well as LADSPA plugin effects), a sequencer and MIDI interface – all accessible through an easy-to-use gtk+ GUI.


  • PiDeck - digital music played old school. To use a PiDeck, plug in a USB stick containing audio files, select the track you want, and play the control record just as if it was analogue. That's all it does, the DJ skills are up to you. Pull out the USB stick and the next DJ can take over. We wanted to make a system which was simple, accessible and fun. It's the Joy of Decks.


  • Digital-Scratch - vinyl disc emulation software. analyzes motions (rotation speed and direction) of a vinyl disc played by a turntable.It also provides a nice and simple player that play your favorite tracks allowing you to mix as you would do it with regular records.Select a tune on the player and start your turntable.



  • - command0line tool to help a DJ remember and analyze what they played in their sets, or what they could possibly play in the future. It's based on data pulled from a users Discogs record collection. Tracks can be organized into playlists and mix-transitions rated. Additionally the collection can be linked to the online music information services MusicBrainz and AcousticBrainz, thus further information (like musical key and BPM) is made available to the user.DiscoDOS primarily aims at the Vinyl DJ but features for "Hybrid-Vinyl-Digital-DJs" are planned


  • MadJACK - a MPEG Audio Deck for the Jack Audio Connection Kit with an OSC based control interface. It was written as a backend for DJ music playback and is released under the GPL license.



Mobile apps

Speech synth



  • - portable digital scratch instrument which loads samples and beats from a USB stick. At less than the size of three stacked DVD cases, it’s probably the smallest integrated portablist solution ever. Despite this, the software and hardware have been carefully tuned and optimised, and it’s responsive enough for even the most complex scratch patterns.