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See also Music, DAW, Synthesis#Programming, etc.

Synth programming, sequencer programming, etc.


  • Dancetech - music recording technology forums






See also Audio#Programming

  • Patchshare - A way to share modular synth patches.

  • - provides movement in a sound by providing dynamic cross-fading between (usually) four sound sources. The four sound sources are conceptually arranged as the extreme points of X and Y axes, and typically labelled A, B, C and D. A given mix of the four sound sources can be represented by a single point in this 'vector plane'. Movement of the point provides sonic interest and is the power of this technique. Mixing is frequently done using a joystick, although the point can be controlled using envelope generators or LFOs.

  • JSynthLib - an Open Source Universal Synthesizer Patch Editor / Librarian written in the Java Language. Beside a bunch of commercial synths, it provides an editor for MIDIbox SID V1 and MIDIbox FM, which gives you access to all sound parameters and the wavetable sequencer. Since the official beta release of JSynthLib as well as the MIDI API of Java v1.5 has some flaws, I created this short guide in order to describe the required steps to setup JSynthLib for a MIDIbox properly.


"take one square wave, one pulse wave, detune slightly. run to resonant 12db lowpass filter (you want 12db because the more gentle rolloff curve is much more suited for basses). A slight bit of env mod on the filter cutoff is acceptable, but don't go crazy with it, you're not trying to make a 303 here. A really low cutoff with a relatively high resonance will give you alot of crazy harmonics spun off into neverneverland, which once you hit on a nice sweet spot with give the impression of deeper bass." [1]