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  • Periodic Table of the Operators - Being a comprehensive and complete enumeration of the Operatic Elements of the Perl 6 Language, assembled and drawn with dedication and diligence by M. Lentczner as a service to both the Community and the Republic.


  • Wherefore Art, Thou? - Larry Wall entertains while expounding upon Art and the Art of Programming. This treatise originally appeared in The Perl Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1.



  • Welcome to Perl 11 - Perl 11 is an effort to make Perl 5 pluggable at the following levels: Runtime Virtual Machine

Compilation Unit Format / AST, Source Code Syntax / Compilers [6]

  • WebPerl - uses the power of WebAssembly and Emscripten to let you run Perl 5 in the browser!WebPerl does not translate your Perl code to JavaScript, instead, it is a port of the perl binary to WebAssembly, so that you have the full power of Perl at your disposal! [7]