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Game of Life


Cue sports


Fluxx! and other loony labs

  • 1000 Blank White Cards is a card game, the purpose of which is to create the cards you're playing with. The original version of the game was created by Nathan McQuillan of Madison, Wisconsin. I originally learned about that version of the game here , although that page hasn't been updated in a while. This new edition of the game was created in late 2001 by Riff Conner, and has been extensively playtested by the Discordian Intelligence Agency - Riff Conner, Mark and Kelly Hennies, and David Youtz - along with various guest stars. Several rules guidelines have been added, for the purpose of giving it a more gamelike framework.





Real life group

  • Clusterfuck! is played in two phases. First, players go around the table and pass each other sexy notes. Once each player has passed notes, everyone closes their eyes and points to the people they want to hook up with with one or both hands. Then, everyone opens their eyes. If two players are exclusively pointing to each other, they score, and each gets one point. If three players are all pointing to one another and forming a threesome they each get three points for their feat of sexual teamwork. The first player (or players) to get three or more points wins the game. A successful threesome immediately ends the game, just like Quidditch.







  • - an update to id Software's seminal multiplayer deathmatch game, Quake, that enhances the game's multiplayer features (namely UDP support) to allow people with dial-up modems to achieve greatly improved responsiveness when playing on Internet game servers.

News and guides

  • - Quake fan-site offering a complete-as-can-be singleplayer map archive with an accompanying install & launch tool, several rather messy archives (engines, tools, wads, multiplayer maps, websites) and a variety of articles, knowledge and help.

  • Quake Owner's Manual - By Johnny Law. All the fundamentals of configuring Quake. Includes specific setups for widescreen support, mouselook, and more.


  • ezQuake — Modern QuakeWorld Client. Combining the features of all modern QuakeWorld clients, ezQuake makes QuakeWorld easier to start and play. The immortal first person shooter Quake in the brand new skin with superb graphics and extremely fast gameplay.
  • nQuake is a complete QuakeWorld package consisting of ezQuake, configs, textures and everything else you need to get started with QuakeWorld in a matter of minutes. It currently supports Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Fodquake - fork of FuhQuake, takes the experience to a new level, gives you a vast number of enhancements and new features. A QuakeWorld client for sensible people who expect (or not) higher level of happiness, so it is easier to frag, die and smile.
  • classicQ is a free eSports extension to the original Quake 1. It has been created to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Quake. Join the true gaming underground and play online on the QuakeWorld servers!

  • QuakeForge is a 3D first-person shooter game engine based on id Software's legendary Quake and QuakeWorld game engines. Our purpose is to improve the state of the game by improving the engine, making a good base for game and engine modifications, and making it accessible to the largest number of players we can. We like it, and we think you will too.
  • Quakespasm - An engine for iD software's Quake. With single player extension mods.
  • Tenebrae - a modification of the quake source that adds stencil shadows and per pixel lights to quake. Stencil shadows allow for realistic shadow effects on every object in the game world. Per pixel lighting allows you to have fine surface details correctly lit. These are essentially the same algorithms as used by the new Doom game.
  • Darkplaces is a source port for Quake maintained by LordHavoc. It is focused around single-player and is compatible with most of the mods made for Quake. However, it can be played with bots as well.
  • TyrQuake - to satisfy my programming itch, fix any bugs I find and keep the codebase working on modern compilers and runtime environments. I like to support features which enable map designers to create larger and/or more detailed maps than the original game allowed for. What I don't intend to do is to changing the look or feel of the original game, with some exceptions for various non-intrusive or optional features such as smoother model animations, coloured lighting, fullbrights in GLQuake, etc.

  • Blinky - Proof of concept to put peripheral vision into games (without VR goggles). Explore this interesting space by playing the Quake demo with fisheyes, panoramas, and cartographic projections. [10]
  • Announcing Handmade Quake - a series of videos and blogs where I rebuild the original Quake from scratch, line by line, system by system. It is named Handmade Quake thanks to the inspiration of the Handmade Dev community, and following the spirit of their manifesto, we will be starting with a blank Visual Studio project, nothing pre-written at all, and file by file, will turn it into the source code that id Software released to the world in late 1999. [11]


The game contains a client and server component so anyone can host a game. Headless server option is available.


wget -r -np -l 1 -A zip




Unfortunately a tad slow on Linux.

Dwarf Fortress


  • Memory of a Broken Dimension






to sort

  • OpenRA is a Libre/Free Real Time Strategy project that recreates the classic Command & Conquer titles. [50]