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Open Street Map

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  • Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

Google Maps



Open Street Map


Tiles and data

  • FerrarGIS - Using QGIS to apply a 1777 style to today's OpenStreetMap data. [7]


  • Graphserver - The open-source multi-modal trip planner.

  • Ecosynth - a suite of tools used to map and measure vegetation in 3 dimensions (3D) using off-the-shelf digital cameras and open-source computer vision software, from the ground or using low altitude hobbyist aircraft. The goals of the Ecosynth project are to: Generate 3D and spectral imaging data useful for ecological research and monitoring work. Create low-cost portable systems built on publicly available hardware and open-source software. Be deployable by individual users, including researchers and citizen scientists, as-needed across sample areas.

  • OwnTracks - allows you to keep track of your own location. You can build your private location diary or share it with your family and friends. OwnTracks is open-source and uses open protocols for communication so you can be sure your data stays secure and private.


  • QGIS - A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System
  • Simple SVG Qgis Plugin tries to save current map as SVG. Other then the normal SaveAsSVG in the composer, this plugin tries to keep the GIS-grouping intact: layers in Qgis will be layers in Inkscape, symbol classes will be groups. Objects will have ids with the layername in it, so the id's kan be used of a search in the xml-view of Inkscape.


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  • - Long list of geospatial analysis tools. Geospatial analysis, or just spatial analysis, is an approach to applying statistical analysis and other analytic techniques to data which has a geographical or spatial aspect.

  • MapFish - a flexible and complete framework for building rich web-mapping applications. It emphasizes high productivity, and high-quality development. MapFish is based on the Pylons Python web framework. MapFish extends Pylons with geospatial-specific functionality. For example MapFish provides specific tools for creating web services that allows querying and editing geographic objects. MapFish also provides a complete RIA-oriented JavaScript toolbox, a JavaScript testing environment, and tools for compressing JavaScript code. The JavaScript toolbox is composed of the ExtJS, OpenLayers , GeoExt JavaScript toolkits. MapFish is compliant with the Open Geospatial Consortium standards. This is achieved through OpenLayers or GeoExt supporting several OGC norms, like WMS, WFS, WMC, KML, GML etc.. MapFish is open source, and distributed under the BSD license.

  • Stamen Design - a world-leading provider of visualization and analytics design and strategic data communication for private and public sector clients across various industries. Stamen operates across several professional market segments:

  • WhirlyGlobe-Maply SDK - a mapping toolkit with two parts, hence the dash. The WhirlyGlobe part is an interactive 3D globe. The Maply part is an interactive 2D map. There are separate view controllers (on iOS) for each, but otherwise they share 95% of their code. This toolkit is used in quite a few big, complicated apps and even more smaller, less complicated apps. Feel free to use it in yours. WhirlyGlobe-Maply is available for both iOS and Android.

  • Modest Maps - a small, extensible, and free library for designers and developers who want to use interactive maps in their own projects. It provides a core set of features in a tight, clean package with plenty of hooks for additional functionality.

  • OwnTracks - allows you to keep track of your own location. You can build your private location diary or share it with your family and friends. OwnTracks is open-source and uses open protocols for communication so you can be sure your data stays secure and private.






Microsoft TerraServer

  • Microsoft TerraServer - The Microsoft® TerraServer stores aerial and satellite images of the earth in a Microsoft SQL Server™ database served to the public through the Internet. It is the world's largest atlas, combining five terabytes of image data from the United States Geodetic Survey, SOVINFORMSPUTNIK, and Encarta® Virtual Globe. Internet browsers provide intuitive spatial and gazetteer interfaces to the data. The TerraServer demonstrates the scalability of Microsoft Windows NT® Server, Enterprise Edition version 4.0 and SQL Server, Enterprise Edition running on Digital hardware including the AlphaServer 8400 and StorageWorks™ storage system. The TerraServer is also an E-Commerce application. Users can buy the right to use the imagery using Microsoft Site Servers managed by the USGS and Aerial Images. This paper describes the TerraServer's design and implementation. June 1998. [13]


  • - a fully open source, self-hosted location sharing service. Install the backend code on a PHP-compatible web server, install the companion app on your phone, and you're good to go!

  • -Uses WiFi signals and machine learning (sklearn's RandomForest) to predict where you are. Even works for small distances like 2-10 meters.Your computer will known whether you are on Couch #1 or Couch #2.