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Drupal started out in 2001 as a forum content management system (CMS), but has evolved into a strong middle-of-the-road content management framework (CMF). Drupal Core and Drupal.org contribited modules are all GPL v2. Its framework benefits from a well-balanced module, development ecosystem. There are a variety of basic levels of abstraction, with fields, entities, bundles for content, and hooks pretty much all the way down that other modules and themes can work with. Bunches of module state+configuration can be saved as a Feature, and make files and install profiles are used to form Distributions for building and provisioning new sites.

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Some sites powered by Drupal: whitehouse.gov, economist.com, grammy.com, pythonline.com, ubuntu.com, mtv.co.uk, warnerbrothersrecords.com, popsci.com, appdeveloper.intel.com, research.yahoo.com, corp.aol.com ...

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  • Drupal CMS Benefits - "Drupal is a publishing platform created by our vibrant community and bursting with potential. Use as-is or snap in any of thousands of free designs and plug-ins for rapid site assembly. Developers love our well-documented APIs. Designers love our flexibility. Site administrators love our limitless scalability. Drupal's content management features make it easy to create and manage your site."


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