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about half complete.. will bother later.

See also Living#Tents


  • Handy
    • Hip/bum bag
    • Headtorch (plus second torch to loan to another)
  • Clothing
    • Spare set of underwear, trousers and long sleeve t-shirt and jumper foe each day, in case of wet.
    • Cloak
  • Sleeping
    • Sleeping bag
    • Roll matt
    • Tent?
  • Food
    • (short) Sandwiches in chinese takeaway tupperware
    • (long) Ingredients and precooked foods in airtight tupperwear
    • (long) Cutlery, plastic plate, bowl, mug
    • Drinks decanted into plastic bottles
    • 2L water absolute minimum. 5L for drinking, cooking, tea
  • Cleaning
    • Kit bag with toothbrush, mini-tube of paste (obtainable from some dentist receptions), face cloth.
    • Hand wipes

To get

  • Midge mask
  • Wellies that fit
  • Better penknife
  • Leatherman