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about half complete.. will bother later.

See also Living#Tents


  • Camping gear
    • tent and pegs
    • mallet
    • large rucksack
  • Sleeping
    • self-inflating roll matt
    • sleeping bag
    • sleeping bag warmth liner
    • rug for over/under
    • camping pillow case + foam pillow
  • Bedside bag
    • sleeping ear plugs
    • eye mask
    • glasses case
    • sunglasses
    • hair bands
    • bedside led lamp
  • Wash kit bag
    • toothbrush
    • toothpaste (mini-tubes of paste from dentist receptions)
    • face cloths for washing
    • soap in kinder egg capsule
    • toilet roll in waterproof bag
    • towel (microfiber is lighter and fast drying)
    • suncream (30/50 spf)
    • moisturiser
    • midge spray/skin-so-soft
    • electric shaver
    • hand wipes (or tat them after)
  • Clothes bag
    • store in separate plastic bags
    • pants and socks for every day working away
    • clothes for all weathers
    • waterproof trousers for rain and ming work
    • caps for sun and warm hats for night
    • cloak
    • wellies
    • extra pairs of bags for in shoes/boots
  • Misc kit bag
    • rain poncho
    • saw knife for fire wood
    • medical bag
    • small condiment bag
    • meds and suppliments
    • handkerchief packets in a baggie
    • perfume
  • Tech stuff
    • AAA batteries in baggies
    • 20000mAh+ power block USB battery
  • Accessory belt
    • water bottle and belt holder
    • torch with strap/pocket
    • lighter pocket
    • earplug pocket in money baggie
    • larger pocket(s) for A7 notepad and pens, tape, etc.
    • robust walkie-talkie case

  • Food and drink
    • metal cup
    • snacks
    • small frying pan/mess tin
    • olive oil
    • potato scones
    • peanut butter
    • honey
    • raisins
    • 2 empty 2 pint water bottles to fill on site
    • alcohol (cider! spirit+mixer? decanted+mixed?)
    • coffee/hot chocolate/sugar/tea bags

  • Money for;
    • transport there and back
    • food and drink
    • consumables/smoke

To get

  • Midge mask
  • Wellies that fit
  • Better penknife
  • Leatherman