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Some explicit requests between folk from points in the past.



  • Don't leave lights or computers on when moving to another rooms for a time or going out


  • Adjust oven shelf position so food is heated nearer the top


  • Open the window after a crap or a bath


  • Separate recycling from black bag bin waste
  • Fold down cardboard boxes
  • When full, empty the living room bins into the kitchen bins


  • Wash dishes within 24 hours of using them
  1. Soak or fill dirty dishes with water, wait, lazy wipe with dirty sponge and put to the side
  2. Empty, clean then refill the sink
  3. Put dishes in, maybe soak more, wash with clean sponge, rinse under tap, put on dish rack
  4. Use now dirty water to soak new dirty dishes, repeat
  • Wash oily items last and use only the dirty sponges
  • The older foam cloth with the edge cut off is only for drying the draining board.
  • Don't put clean items directly on the draining board; use the dish rack, come back and do another sesh after an hour
  • Leave the sink either properly soaking or empty and clean
  • Put away items after they have dried, open the window to help
  • Wash cafetiere/moka pot within 6 hours of use, separately of other dirty dishes



Transfer waste to the recycling and general waste bins outside by end of Monday evening to be picked up Tuesday morning.

  • Glass goes out separately in the blue box
  • Clean the kitchen bin with kitchen spray and tatty sponge/wipes


  • Clear fridge of off, mouldy and other bad or unwanted food
  • Clear litter and rubbish from floors
  • Tidy away (or freeshop) random items that aren't going to be used

Clothes washing

  • Separate clothes into groups of cotton, synthetic and wool to wash
  • Remove things from the washer and put up to dry within 3 hours of the cycling ending

to checkout: chesnut milk



Energy supply comparisons;

  • Energylinx - makes the process of comparing and changing domestic energy suppliers as easy and secure as possible.
  • UK Power - an energy comparison site. We compare gas and electricity suppliers to help people find the cheapest energy prices, switch to a better deal and cut the cost of their bills!