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Docs and Guides

Initial setup (to add to OA .make)

  • Install Admin Menu
  • Site name, footer message
  • Enable private file storage
  • Install WYSIWYG + TinyMCE
    • Profile > Block formats - remove h2 (site title h1, page title h2)
    • CSS > Editor CSS (crap but default doesn't show lists)

Modules and Features



Organic Groups User Roles


OG Forums

Video chat




Content types

  • Atrium Leads provides a "Business Lead" content type for keeping track of the status of any kind of business lead, ie. potential clients, RFPs, job offers, or even for tracking candidates for hire.


  • Custom themes or Skins
    • trapeze - fairly similar to ginko, less definition for primarytabs
    • sandy - thinner top bar, logo broken, lighter than ginko
    • crystal - clean theme, needs work on top of
    • unlatriumtheme - broke install

Open Atrium 2

Using Drupal 7.