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  • PNF (with an isometric contraction opposed to the stretch direction) and dynamic stretching (movement based) are preferred.
  • For PNF stretching without a partner, use either arm+hands, a resistance band, a belt, etc. or furniture/architecture.
  • Relax into a stretch, don't push it too far at first. Repeat actions on both sides for symmetry.


  • Warmup - to be done until body is warm and a 'burn' is felt: invisible jump rope, jumping around a spot, full body squats.
  • Neck - bend neck to sides/front/back. no circling. isometric: hold hand against head and contract back into hand.
  • Spine - tense buttocks, touch shoulder blades, relax shoulders, bend backwards, not too far as overdoing flexion is bad!
  • Arms - tense buttocks, straight bodyline, raise arms straight above. isometric: cross above wrists, use door frame to contract against.
  • Shoulders - arms out sideways, circle forwards and down from shoulder in increasing size, then backwards, then alternating.
  • Shoulders - extend straight arm across chest, hook in with bent other arm. isometric: push extended arm out against hook arm
  • Shoulders and Wrists - arms palm to palm in front of chest, then pointing downward behind back, then upward behind back.
  • Rear Hand Clasp - arm over shoulder and down back, use other hand to gently pull elbow from above or hold down wrist from below.
  • Wrist and Ankles - rotate wrists and ankles.
  • Hip Circles - large and small, then reversed, then figure of eight, and reversed.
  • Kneeling Lunge - kneeling on one leg, the other out in front, arm stretch down extended leg, other arm over head.
  • One Leg Pike - one leg on chair, lean forward, touch toes. advanced; without chair, hold leg up in front by foot.
  • Stand on One Leg - hold a leg up behind then balance. advanced; close eyes.
  • Shake Everything About


  • Lying Cross - on all fours, one arm below, lower until shoulder touches the floor, deepened by lying down.
  • Butterfly - soles of feet together towards crotch, hold feet with hands, butterfly wiggle hips up and down.
  • Hamstring - one leg straight, cross other over, wrap arms around that leg, clasp hands and cradle leg towards body.
  • Hips - extend both legs at 90° or less, rotate and stretch legs/feet in and out.
  • Spine Extension - on all fours, stretch spine like an angry cat, then the opposite like a happy cat.


  • Jaw and facial muscles